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At our club we practice the Korean martial art of Taekwon-Do, which translates as 'the art of kicking and punching'.

Taekwon-Do was initially developed in the Korean military using a scientific approach to generating maximum power in its techniques. By properly co-ordinating the use of the whole body everyone - young or old, large or small - can deliver truly effective punches, kicks and blocks.

Today, Taekwon-Do continues to develop and expand and has become one of the world's leading martial arts.


Our Instructor

Our instructor is James Home, a 6th Dan Taekwon-Do Black Belt, who started Arun Taekwon-Do in 2017 after he moved to the area.


James has 50 years experience of martial arts starting on the school Judo team before being introduced to Taekwon-Do in the 70s.  He has also practiced other martial arts including Shotokan Karate and boxing.


An instructor since 2003, James has taught students of all ages and abilities, helping many to gain their Black Belt. His approach to teaching combines a strong focus on 'traditional' training - concentration on core techniques, maximum effort and treating each other with respect and courtesy - with an openness to other fitness regimes and martial arts training ... and to have fun as well!

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